Prototypes for a TIMESAVER shunting puzzle layout


EFFINGHAM (Illinois)

Thanks to Tim Browne for pointing out the EFRR to me

The City of Effingham, Illinois, is served by the Illinois Central Railroad (IC) and CSX (previously Conrail). In November 1996, Effingham Railroad Company (EFRR), a new carrier which had not yet begun operations, proposed to the Surface Transportation Board to operate approximately 206 feet of existing track, which it intended to acquire from Agracel Corporation within the Effingham Business Park. This existing track was part of a 490-foot track (called "the beer track" because it was used to transfer beer from rail cars to trucks) connected to Conrail's line. Effingham Railroad also proposed to construct 9,835 feet of new track within the industrial park. Ready-Mix, an existing shipper located in the industrial park, would be served by 1,867 feet of this new track, which would also serve new shippers that might locate in the industrial park.

What followed was an intense dispute between EFRR and the Union as to the classification of these tracks. However, the Union's petition for review of the determinations of the Board were denied, and the EFRR received Surface Transportation Board approval to begin operation in 1997 as a class III line haul common carrier railroad operating within the Effingham Business Park over an interchange with Conrail (now CSX). In the fall of 1998, TQW, a public warehousing operation, started construction on 1.4 miles of trackage mainline to serve new industry and also interchange with the Illinois Central. Today, EFRR's trackage totals 1.7 miles

The commodities currently being hauled are crushed stone, printing paper, lumber, particle board and vegetable oil. In 2002, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts started utilizing the EFRR with a new spur to their new manufacturing and distribution facility, which produces prepared doughnut mixes for distribution to the Midwestern and Western regions of the U.S. The other clients that EFRR serves are Mid Illinois Concrete, Bunge Foods, Irving Paper, Fraser Paper, Pactiv, Stevens Industries, TQW crossdock and TQW's rail facility which has an inside rail dock.


EFRR track and operations plan

Looking at the spurs marked as "existing track" in the plan, the Timesaver configuration is formed by the Bunge Track, the Krispy Kreme Siding, the Mid-IL Dump Pit with passing loop, and the CSXT Interchange Track. In terms of John Allen's layout plan, the two Krispy Kreme spurs are located on the wrong side, but this would not make any differenc ein operating terms and is as close to a prototype Timesaver as you will probably ever get. Even the short distances between track locations - something declared to be utterly unprototypical by the Timesaver's critics - are to be found at this location.
  The Effingham Railroad has one locomotive on its roster, an EMD SW-1200 painted in EFRR's company colours and numbered 2716.

The SW-1200 was the last EMD heavy switcher powered by the 1200 horsepower 567 engine and was produced from the mid 1950's through the mid 1960's. The EFRR's SW-1200 was built in November 1963 as a switcher for the Reading (#2716), later becoming #9316 with Conrail.

photo (c) Marvin Colanski,
used with kind permission

EFRR also has a GP-10 (#7570), lettered for the Illinois & Western, at its disposal.


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