Modelling a N&W caboose on static display

Turning a Märklin 1980s NYC model into a representation of a static display N&W caboose

  Modelling inside the box

Assembling easy to build storage boxes for the Black Diamond modules

  Less rock and smoother roll - how to get the best from Z Scale track

Weathering, laying and ballasting Rokuhan sectional track

  Building sturdy but lightweight module frames and baseboards

Structural integrity - a stable and secure frame for your layout which won't warp or come apart at the slightest mishap - is the basis for smoothly running trains

  Modelling tunnels in Z Scale

Creating a scenic focal point by using (and visually improving) commercially available Z Scale tunnel portals

  Micro Trains' girder bridge over muddy water

Incorporating Micro train's girder bridge in a small module


Any commercial products mentioned here are purely bona fide indications of what I have been using myself.
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